“The work God wants you to do is this: Believe in the One he sent…” John 6:9

Only believe.

The cross was heavy,

the blood was real.

and the price was extravagant.

It would have bankrupted you or me,

so He paid it for us.

Call it simple.

Call it a gift.

But don’t call it easy.

Call it what it was.

Call it grace.”

Max Lucado

Photo by Juliux



660px-Jean-Baptiste_Siméon_Chardin_019Are you overwhelmed with life right now?

Have things gotten really busy?

So busy that you feel like a failure in everything?

Is your laundry pile large?

Are dust bunnies multiplying under your couch?

Give yourself grace. This season of busyness is just that – a season.

There are no laundry police who sweep through houses to see if the laundry is clean, folded and put away.

There are no home inspection crews who will white glove your house to check for dust and dock your points for messy rooms.

God has great plans to use you – and Satan doesn’t like it. He wants to keep you tired, discouraged and beat up.

Stick tight to the Lord and listen to truth – you are God’s beloved child, a woman of worth and beauty, a vessel ready to be used by Him.

Grace dear one, grace.

Ruts in the Road of Life

Ruts in the road

Are you discouraged today? These words from Pam Vredevelt might help…

“Life has a way of digging deep trenches in our path and bulldozing us to the bottom of the hole. One day we’re kicking up our heels, dancing down the road, enjoying the scenery. The next day we find ourselves sprawled out on our backsides with mud walls closing in on us. We’re stuck in a rut. A slump…

The truth is, ruts are just another part of the journey…a natural by-product of having bodies that get hurt and spirits that get demoralized…

The best prescription for slump syndrome is grace. We give ourselves grace when we refuse to expect more from ourselves than we can possibly deliver. We give ourselves grace when we grant ourselves permission to rest, sleep, play, take a break and get alone with God…

There are lessons to be learned in ruts. We won’t always understand the full meaning of the lesson until we’re further down the road. But for now we need to trust that God is up to something good, even in the ruts. Even when things don’t happen the way we want. Even when little makes sense, and we feel buried after life’s demands…

On days when it feels as if the walls are caving in on you and your backside is caked in mud, remember that God can do amazing things with mud. He created Adam out of it. He healed the blind man with it. The woman caught in adultery found freedom as she read His inscriptions from it.

I wonder what surprises He has in store for us today…The rule of grace says that His blessings can be found even at the bottom of a rut.

~Pam Vredevelt from Espresso for Your Spirit

Give yourself grace today!

Hebrews 4:16 ” Let us then approach the throne with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”