Girl’s Night

What do you do when your husband takes the boys for an overnight adventure, leaving you at home with the girls?

You invite Bethany over for a party!

Then you go thrifting and shopping and hit Sonic Happy Hour!


And you have pizza for supper – and ice cream – and Twizzlers.

And popcorn and movies – chick flicks of course.

And stay up really late.

You play hours of Pay Day while it rains.


And sing really loud when your favorite song plays on the radio.

And eat more Twizzlers.

And strawberries dipped in sour cream and brown sugar.

And when the rain stops – you have a mud fight. An epic mud fight. A “I’ll be washing mud out of my hair for the next week” kind of mud fight.


You make big messes in the kitchen trying recipes from Pinterest.

And eat brownie batter dip till your eyes cross and you lay on the floor and wish you hadn’t eaten the brownie batter dip!

And then you eat more popcorn and watch more movies and fall asleep exhausted.

Yep. That’s what.