To Everything There is a Season…

DelphiniumI remember that growing up my mom’s flower beds were nothing to brag about. She had a few brave flowers that withstood neglect and abundant weeds.

Mom had other things that were more important than beautiful flower beds. She had five children who needed to be feed, clothed and loved.

There were meals to make, laundry to wash, chickens to butcher, green beans to can, 4H projects to supervise, attitudes that needed correction, hurt feelings that needed to be soothed and a myriad of other tasks.

Somehow flowers never quite made it to the top of Mom’s priority list.

coreopsisThen one by one the kids grew up, married and moved off. Suddenly the house stayed cleaner, the laundry piles were much smaller, and there was a lot less food to prepare.

Mom had time for those flower gardens that she always dreamed off. She shared these pictures with me this week of  some of her flowers.

But as much as she enjoys them, I know that she sees her children as the most precious flowers in her garden. The years she spent “tending” in our lives will reap an eternal reward.

I’m so thankful that Mom had her priorities right!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 “There is a time for everything and  a season for every purpose under heaven.”

Bedding Plants on a Budget

Bedding Plants

A quick stop at our local Amish Store and Nursery yielded me a lovely flat of bedding plants for just $4.

I’ve found that by waiting till June 1st, all of their bedding plants are marked way down. It’s a great way to get some beautiful, large plants for a great deal.

In this flat I was able to purchase: 18 dianthus plants, 6 petunia, 3 wave petunia, 6 pansy, 6 carpet of snow, and 6 small pretty blue flowers But I can’t remember their name!)

That’s 46 plants for just $4.

I was able to fill 6 planters and even used a few to fill in around my perennials in a flower bed.

The best part is, in another week or so I’ll stop back in. If they have any left, they just give them away.

Patience can be a very Thrifty Virtue!