How to Clean a Fence Row

How to clean a fence row and turn boys to men.

First you play lumberjack.
Chain SawTake a chain saw and as many boys as you can find and begin cutting down all the dead branches and fallen limbs that are on or near the fence line.

Then have the boys pile them in big piles.

Putting the pile far away from where you are cutting builds endurance and strength.

The bigger the pile, the better.

Make sure you add several varmint cedar trees to the top of the pile and leave a couple of stumps or a big log nearby for seating.

TarzanThen play Tarzan on the grape vines hanging from the trees. The upper body strength will come in handy later. Trust me.

Wait for a calm day, with little or no wind, throw some kerosene on the pile, light a match and step back!

FireThe varmint cedar trees on the top of the pile will explode into amazing pyrotechnics that send flames high into the air, often catching dead limbs in the surrounding trees on fire.

You have two options if this happens – you could grab the chainsaw, climb the tree  holding the chainsaw (remember the Tarzan practice) and cut off said limbs.

Or – you can have the boys stand near the trees with their super squirter squirt guns and put out the fire.

Do not do them both at the same time.

Using rakes, pitchforks and shovels, show the boys how to put out any grass fires that start from the sparks of the bonfire.

For added excitement – light two or more burn piles at the same time at different places in the pasture. This increases your cardio-vascular work-out as you run from pile to pile.

Then, when the fires have settled down, sit down on the logs or stumps with your boys and watch them burn as the sun sets, enjoying the satisfaction and pride of a job well done.

Eating Out

bonfireWe ate out last night.

I mean really out.

Like – outside out.

Like – out in the pasture out.

Yes, I know it’s January.  Yes, I live in Iowa.

But it was a balmy 60 degrees yesterday and the kids had spent all afternoon cleaning out some fence lines. When Jan came home they hauled the wood and started a fire – a big fire.

Since they were already out there – and they already had a fire – we decided to pack up some  hot dogs and make it an adventure!

So – by the light of an almost full moon – we pulled up some stumps, roasted our hotdogs and made a memory.

After eating way more s’mores than we should have, the kids packed things up and went home.

But Jan and I sat on our stumps holding hands while we watched the fire turn to embers.

It was so peaceful sitting there in the light of the flames,  talking and listening to the coyotes howl – a real “country-style” date.

It was one of those sweet moments that can’t be planned, they must just be enjoyed!