A Long Trek and Some History

SunsetWe’ve had a touch of Spring in the middle of February with mild temperatures and sunshine.

We took advantage of this glorious weather on Sunday.

After lunch we took off on a family walk. It was a time of discovery and fun.

Trekking through the deep southern ravines we found large patches of blackberries that we never knew existed.

We saw the ravages of the spring flooding close-up.

We traced an old road on the backside of the property that my husband had discovered on an old map.

He also climbed to the top of an old windmill tower and gave the kids a science lesson. (Thankfully it wasn’t a lesson on gravity!)

We walked through an old cemetery and read the gravestones.

We tried to trace another abandoned road that lead us down to the river.

In the back of the property we found an old well pump and again my husband taught another impromptu science lesson before he and the boys pulled it out. It will someday be the centerpiece of a flower bed in my front lawn.

Three hours later we made it back to the house.

A little history, a little science, a lot of walking and fresh air, I would call it a great afternoon!