Home Again, Home Again Jiggety Jig…

After a week away, including 16 hours in the car going and another 16 hours coming home, I can truly say with Laura Ingalls, “Home is the nicest place there is!”

We had an amazing time at Rhea Perry’s annual Entrepreneurial Days Conference in Atlanta (more on that later!) But after a week in the big city this country gal had to come home!

I needed to breath deep in the fresh country air.

I needed to see green and growing things and savor the vistas and horizons.

I needed to hear the birds sing, crickets chirp, and the song of the cicadas.

I needed to be still and quiet.

I needed to be surrounded by my children, my chickens, my books, and my flowers. I guess I just needed to be me again.

Oh, it’s good to be home! Sometimes it takes a time away to appreciate again all the things that home is. (Yes, even the laundry, cleaning, and cooking!)

So…if you’ll excuse me… I need to get back to my wonderful life here in rural America, where I am definitely enjoying the comfort of my blue jeans and cotton tees!

Rhea’s Entreprenurial Days!

I’m so excited!

We’re registered and have our hotel rooms for Rhea’s Entrepreneurial Days in Atlanta!

Every year our friend Rhea Perry hosts an amazing 3 day event focusing on entrepreneurial subjects. This year the conference will be held in Atlanta on August 15th-16th, and we’re going!

For years we heard about Rhea’s conferences and we even purchased a few of the tape sets from previous events, but it wasn’t until we attended our first live event last year that we really understood what we were missing.

It’s not just about the information we received (which was incredible and almost overwhelming!) but the networking opportunities. We spent a weekend with people just like us who want to bring Dad home to work.

There were some who were just starting out and others who had been on their entrepreneurial journey for awhile. We had some incredible discussions and made some great friends!

We took our oldest two children with us last year and it was a life-changing event for them as well. They saw kids their own age who had businesses up and running. Kids who were making real money from home, on their computers. And they made friends, lots of friends!

This conference is a great place to bring your teenagers! Some have called it “The Ultimate Home School Field Trip.”

But the real bonus to Rhea’s event is the access to the speakers themselves. They were right there ready to answer questions and talk. They were available for lunch or a discussion between sessions. There was a round table discussion one evening where we sat with these speakers, 10 people around a table, and asked any questions we had. Wow!

So I’m ready to pack my bags and prepare for a round trip! We’re heading to Atlanta to see just what Rhea has planned for this year!

If you’d like more information on this conference you can check it out at EntrepreneurialDays.net

I’d love to meet you there!