Sherlock Mom

DSC_0236It’s interesting to share a kitchen with several teenagers, especially ones that work evenings.

I get up in the morning and do a post mortum on their night’s activities by reviewing the dishes in the sink.

Skillet, plate, and fork – Dagmar fried an egg at midnight when her shift was over. If it’s clean and in the drainer she had a good night. If it’s dirty and in the sink – it was a rough one. Don’t disturb her. Let her wake up on her own.

Cookie sheet and spatula coupled with a smell of burned cheese – Pedro brought home a frozen pizza after work. (One of the dangers of stocking the frozen foods.)

Glass and spoon – Dagmar had a good night and worked out at midnight followed by a protein powder shake. I better check the washer and dryer before using them because she probably also started laundry.

Pile of chicken bones and a fork – Pedro brought home another Wonder Chicken from work – meaning he once again succumbed to their enticing aroma.

Bowl with grease and salt residue and a few old maids – it had to be Buddy, the popcorn fanatic. If he could pop popcorn and not wake me up with the smell – it means he was up way too late. Time to review proper sleep guidelines for seventh graders.

Lovely pink jeweled stains on the counter and in a bowl – Angel Girl found the hidden pomegranate in the fridge. Since she loves dark chocolate with pomegranates, I’d better check the dark chocolate chips hidden in the freezer because she probably found them, too.

Let me tell you – it’s amazing what you can learn from a few dishes in the sink!

They don’t even realize they are leaving clues.

And they wonder how I know what they’ve been doing.


It’s Elementary my dear Watson.

‘Cause I’m Sherlock Mom.