A Tale of Christmas Greens

tale of Christmas greensTwas a cold day in December when the lady of the place,

Decided she needed  some Christmas greens  to fill an empty place.

So dressed up very warmly, with boots so she wouldn’t fall,

She found her handsome husband, looking rugged in coveralls.

Hand in hand together, they headed through the snow,

When suddenly they heard a noise that made them say “Oh no!”

They turned around in horror and saw to their dismay,

They were being followed by a piglet, out of his pen that day.

“Go back you pesky varmint” yelled the woman of the place.

But that curious little piglet just kept right up with their pace.

She waved her hands and stomped her feet but it was of no avail.

That piglet would not turn around, for he thought her basket was a pail.

And pails mean food in a piggy’s world, so he kept up with their gait.

And with a sigh they realized, they had to take a piglet on their date.

Flea Market Fun

Jan and I had our 22nd wedding anniversary in August – but we really didn’t have a chance to celebrate.

It fell on a very busy weekend – after the very busy and emotional week that included  grandma’s funeral.

Since we spent out actual anniversary driving 8 hours in a car with Buddy to pickup Pedro and Angel Girl from their Teen Pact Adventure- we felt it only fitting that we should have an adventure of our own.

So went to the Rutledge Flea Market.

Yes – a flea market! Jan and I are both treasure hunters at heart and we love Flea Markets! One of our very first dates was a flea market. 🙂

You can find anything and everything there – from homemade Amish noodles to a new hunting dog. From a vintage gun to Avon products. From garage sale cast-offs to a priceless antique.

You just have to be willing to look!

And we were! The weather was perfect and we had an absolute blast – going from booth to booth holding hands and looking for treasures.

And yes! We found some!

FindingsA beautiful double wedding ring quilt for our bed – in my favorite colors! Someday I’d love to make a quilt like this – but this was such a good deal – I couldn’t buy the material for what I paid for it.

A heavy 10 inch Wagner cast iron skillet. We had been looking for these all day and saw some really nice ones in the $50-60 range.  Then in a little corner booth we found this gem for only $15! We snatched it up so fast! I love cooking with cast iron and have needed a bigger size skillet and this is a really nice one.

But my favorite purchase of the day was a vintage carpenter’s tool chest. It was in excellent condition and had been crackle painted on the outside.  It now sits on my porch and holds many, many shoes! No more ugly banana box with piles of flip flops and sneakers!

We also found a 5 gallon Igloo thermos – new – with a cup attachment, some cups to go with it, 2 chicken waters,  2 bundles of leather scraps for Angel Girl to get creative with, and several tools that made my husband very, very happy!

But most of all – we re-discovered the treasure we have in each other. We shared a bag of kettle corn, another of fresh cheese curds, ate fresh honey roasted peanut butter by the spoonful, laughed, talked, held hands, and enjoyed just being together.

And that was exactly the treasure we were looking for.

I told you you can find anything and everything at a Flea Market!