Daddy Mechanic

IMG_3282Once our kiddos started leaving the nest in their own vehicles, we thought there would be fewer cars for us to keep running.

Silly us.

Now, my husband not only keeps them running – he does it from a distance.

In the last few months he has fielded a bevy of interesting phone calls and texts.

“Hey Dad – my truck is making funny noises.”

“Should there be a puddle of pink stuff under my car?”

“My tailgate is falling off!”

“Why don’t I have heat?”

“My brakes went out on the way home.”

“The car died.”

And every time he has patiently listened to symptoms, asked critical questions, and given advice.

He has replaced water pumps,  fixed tailgates, changed numerous tires, driven a truck with no brakes to the mechanic and calmed a panicked daughter – more than once.

His bedside reading shelf now holds the manuals for each of their vehicles.

As he was studying one of those manuals the other night, I commented, “It’s almost a full time job keeping those cars running.”

He just smiled and said, “But at least they need me.”

Smart man.


Happy Father’s Day!

Grandpa fishingHappy Father’s Day!

How are you honoring the dad(s) in your life today?

As I watch the TV and hear the commercials it seems that the only way to truly honor Dad is to buy him something (recliners, big screen TV’s, golf clubs, etc..)

But I disagree. I don’t think Dad’s really need more stuff. What they really need is more honor.

They need their wives hanging on their arms admiring their muscles, telling them how much they appreciate them. They need big bear hugs from their children and wet sloppy kisses with lots of “I Iove you Daddy!”

Dad’s need their favorite dessert served with love and a round of applause for all they do. They need phone calls from children or a visit. A fancy card isn’t as important as a handwritten note of thanks.

Father’s Day isn’t about money spent. It’s about taking time to honor and appreciate the dad in your life.

Make it a good one!