A Dish of Radishes

Mom gets a bumper crop of radishes – and my seeds didn’t even germinate! Maybe she’ll share – I will admit that I’m drooling as I read this!

Dish of Radishes

Our daughter, Teresa, was visiting this spring as we were planting the garden and suggested we do as she does: plant the radishes and carrots together in one row. As you pull the radishes it gives the carrots room to grow and keeps the weeds to a minimum.

It worked so well that we have had a bumper crop of radishes for the two of us to eat! (The rows of carrots are looking great, too!)

How many radishes can you eat at a meal? How many radishes can you slice on a salad?

How about cooked radishes? Slice and place in salted boiling water, cook until fork tender. Drain unless you want pink sauce! Pour some half & half over the radishes – however much you want to eat. Add a tablespoon of butter and just heat until first bubbles appear. Season to taste with salt & pepper. Serve.

I’ve also served them with a white sauce made with flour, butter & milk. But prefer the simplicity of the half & half.

Nana Shirley