Sweet Corn!

Sweet corn – fresh from the garden!

This is one of my favorite days of the summer. We’ve been watching the patch carefully for weeks – and today was the day!

The kids and I picked 2 buckets of corn just before supper.


Then we had a feast.

It was a corn eating frenzy with butter dripping down our chins and elbows.

There was no limit on how many ears we could eat and the pile of empty cobs in the middle of the table kept growing.

When we had all eaten our fill…

Knife…we started the messy task of cutting the corn from the cobs and filing bags for the freezer.

It brought back some fun memories of cutting corn with my siblings when I was little. The jokes and laughter would fly as fast as the corn kernels!

The bags of corn are now in the freezer, the kitchen is cleaned and the corn juice is wiped off the floors and walls.

I just hope that long after the corn is eaten, my kids will smile at the memory we made tonight!

Sweet Corn – First Fruits

Sweet Corn Finally!

After several years without, we have finally harvested our very own sweet corn from the garden!

The weather cooperated.

We were able to finally out- smart the coons.

And our 3 layer fence kept the deer out.

It was late – very late. But that just made it more delicious!

We’ve enjoyed several “all-you-can eat” sweet corn meals and even put a few bags in the freezer.

There’s nothing quite as sweet as the food you grew yourself. All the labor, all the effort, all the waiting pays off as you enjoy bite after luscious bite of corn – butter and salt dripping down your chin.

It’s a good life.