Recipe Addict


I did it again.

I researched a cook book for eBay, even took a picture of it, and was starting to list it when I made the mistake of opening it.

Half an hour later the book was in my cupboard with post-it notes stuck on several pages to mark recipes I wanted to try.

I am a recipe addict.

Actually, my addiction is light compared to some of my friends. D’s family claims that she has never fixed the same recipe twice. B has so many cookbooks she needs to keep some boxed up and periodically exchanges the ones in her cupboard for a new box.

When we moved I tried to purge several cook books from my collection, but it was like losing old friends and I couldn’t bear to part with them.

My addiction began innocently when as a child I would watch both of my parents clip recipes from newspapers and magazines. As a teenager I started clipping recipes myself. My own recipe file soon filled up.

My addiction took a turn deeper when as a newlywed with the responsibility of keeping my new husband fed, I turned to cookbooks.

As the children started coming, the pressure to keep everybody fed economically but creatively led me to cooking magazines and cooking shows, finally to the Food Network.

I am addicted to recipes.

I wonder if there’s a 12 step program for this addiction. Couldn’t you just hear me introduce myself, “Hello, my name is Melinda, I have a recipe addiction….What to come for dinner?!”