ouray coloradoMany of you have asked how I’m doing now that my first born has the flown the coop.

And the truth is – just fine!

Those of you who have already experienced this massive undertaking are smiling right now. You knew it would be like this. 🙂

My mom told me that the first parting is always sad but it doesn’t take long for a new normal to emerge.

She was right.

Once the car left the driveway and Matt was on his way to Colorado – we watched the dust settle. Then we went in the house, picked up the school books and kept working.

That night we set the table for 6.

We divided up his household responsibilities with some of the younger ones stepping up and doing more.

Dagmar commandeered the massive desk in his room as her new “office”.

His siblings have made free with his extensive CD collection.

We savor his weekly phone call and pass the phone around the family until everyone has had a chance to catch up.

And yes – we miss him. But as my friend Cinnamon told me, “No matter where he is, he will always be a part of you.”

I understand that now.

We pray for him at every meal, remember him in family stories and jokes, and make plans to convince him to lose the beard. 🙂

We’ve learned that when he’s where God wants him to be, doing what God wants him to do – there’s an incredible peace.

Even in the goodbyes.