Bag Day at the Thrift Store

I love bag day! Our little local thrift Shop has “Fill a Bag for a Buck” every Wednesday. I don’t make it every week, but when I do, I’m amazed at what I can find.

I’ve shopped at Salvation Army, DAV and Goodwill in the cities before, but none compares to the bargains I can find in our tiny little Neighborhood Center. It’s so small that in about 20 minutes I can usually touch everything in the store.

Today I just had about fifteen minutes so I moved fast! On bag day I never stop to try clothes on because they are so cheap and I ususally don’t have time. I just move from rack to rack in a systematic fashion and pull off everything that I think we could use and stuff them in a bag.

In fifteen minutes I had filled 2 bags which included:

  • one pair of khaki pants, 2 shirts, and some jammies for me
  • 2 pairs of capris, a skirt, a pair of shorts, for one daughter
  • 2 pair of jammies, a skirt, 2 shirts, and dress for another daughter
  • 3 shirts for one son
  • 1 very nice, thick Eddie Bauer shirt for my hubby.

Not bad! I paid $2 for everything (I would have paid that for the Eddie Bauer shirt alone!)

The Thrifty Idea for today is to check out your local bag day, it’s a very good thing!