Christmas Traditions

'Lil Donkey and Cow Christmas traditions are what ties us together as a family.

One tradition we’ve enjoyed with my family for years is acting out the Christmas story.

We started it when the first nieces and nephews began arriving.

We decided that instead of reading the Christmas story to several wiggly little ones, we would have them act it out.

Nana grabbed the box of dress up clothes and tipped it upside down on the floor and everyone- parents included- found a costume and acting out a part.

Whichever couple was pregnant or had just had a baby played Mary and Joseph. The animal hats that my oldest sister made for a Christmas program were perfect for little ones (and sometimes daddies!)

Papa Jim told the story as we all acted it out.

Those oldest nieces and nephews are now in their 20’s, but still participate every year to help bring the story to life for the youngest ones.

There are so many of us now that we have moved our Christmas celebration to Labor Day weekend and our “pageant’ is acted outside with a real campfire for the shepherds to sit around and the barn as a stable.

It’s a tradition that ties us together from the oldest to the youngest and makes memories that will last a lifetime!