The Lord Will Provide – Christmas Costumes

Can you believe it’s November already? The countdown to Christmas has begun!

First on my priority list – costumes for this year’s Christmas program. Dagmar made all the costumes for me last year – but this year she’s been working double shifts at the hospital. When she is around she is either sleeping – or should be!

Looks like my it will be my sewing machine that is humming!

This year’s program takes place in 1910. Yep. A period piece.

Boys in knickers with argyle socks and sweaters. Girls in jumpers and aprons with big hair ribbons.

Plus 4 piglets, a horse and a traveling salesman.

The lesson taught in this year’s program is that God always provides. And He’s proving it to be true even now.

We’ve been combing the thrift stores for pieces that could be altered – like a set of dark green curtains that became a jumper or a plaid ladies jumper that yielded enough material for a skirt.
We’ve found pairs of black shoes – even some boots for the girls – all free.

Boys dress pants in the right sizes – ready to be cut off below the knee and elastic added to make knickers.

Sweaters, socks, blouses, flannel shirts.

We’ve even found pig snouts for our piglets.
I have pattern pieces in my dining room, stacks of material on my floor and costumes spread out over the futon in the library.

But it’s coming together!

Bit by bit. Piece by piece.

There are several important items that I’m still praying for –  including the horse!

But – to borrow a line from this year’s script – “Remember what Grandpa says, God always provides!”

I can’t wait to see how!