Lessons from Christmas

Christmas is over. The tree is down. The lights are packed away and we’ve finally found a normal schedule again. I think.

But as I reflect on the craziness of the last few weeks I’ve decided that this Christmas season has taught me a few lessons.

1. When you give your brother-in-law an elf hat for Christmas and he puts it on with his new safety glasses and then he grabs a tape measure and pretends to be one of Santa’s elves making toys – you immediately take a picture and put it on your blog.


Because you can.

And it’s hilarious and he will never see it anyway.

I hope.

2.  Changing all the light bulbs in the house on Christmas Eve day to LED might make sense economically – but will create bad lighting for selfies and other photo ops and drive your camera loving daughter crazy.


And certainly don’t help my photography skills. Or lack thereof.

But aren’t those kids cute! (just missing a son-in-law who was on duty Christmas Eve!)

3. After 26 years of attempting a beautiful ice cream log for Christmas – I have finally accepted the fact that it will never look good and will quite possibly always look like something less than attractive.


And well – less than appetizing.

Which is why we shall always eat by candlelight on Christmas Eve.

3. The stomach flu is always nasty – but it’s extremely unwelcome when it attacks on Christmas Day.

No pictures. You’re welcome.

4. Having a house full of family can wipe out a stocked refrigerator quickly. I took three grocery runs the week between Christmas and New Years – mostly for coffee and vegetables.

The coffee I expected but the veggies were a new and surprising development.

5. Speaking of surprising developments – I have lots of Christmas goodies now hidden in the freezer. While my children pigged out over Christmas weekend, by New Year’s they had decided to eat healthy.

Go figure.

At their current rate of consumption, Jan and Buddy should have them gone by Easter. I hope.

6. I love playing games with the family at Christmas. Really, really love it.


Especially new games like this one – Ticket to Ride.  Which is my new obsession.

I even won a few times – at least until my new son-in-law arrived. Hmmm…somebody should tell that guy it’s not good manners to beat your Mother-in-law at her favorite new game, at her house on Christmas. Good thing I like the guy.

7. Actually – I love them all – the whole crazy bunch! And carving out time together with crazy schedules to be together is the best Christmas memory of all!

Hope your holidays were special!


Caramel Corn with the Master

Once upon a time the King of Caramel Corn came to visit and endeavored to teach his loyal subjects the art of making caramel corn perfection.

First he looking critically through all of their bowls – and dismissed them as too small. Until they brought up the massive Navy bowl – which he deemed an acceptable substitute for the kings own royal popcorn bowl.

caramel cornThen he got Buddy popping the corn. Lots of corn. But he didn’t measure it. The Master didn’t need measures – he went by eye. He knew when there was just enough.

old maidsHe carefully picked through the popped corn for the old maids. It’s the little things- you know – that make a difference between the good and great.

When the corn was popped to his satisfaction, the making of the caramel commenced. It was measured with precision, stirred with care, and timed to exactly 3 minutes.

stirringThen it was poured over the popped corn and stirred slowly and methodically until every kernel of corn was coated.

The pans of perfectly prepared caramel corn was then ready to be baked.

Five CrownsAnd the King of Caramel Corn and his underlings played a rousing game of Five Crowns while it baked, stopping every 20 minutes for “a stirring” of the corn to avoid burning.

When the King of Caramel Corn had won the game of Five Crowns, and the corn had roasted for exactly one hour and thirty minutes, it was removed from the oven and dumped on the table.

caramel cornWhere the King and his court burned their fingers tasting it while eating enough to ruin their supper.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The end.

For the King of Caramel Corn’s official Royal recipe – just click here.