Swedish Choklad

Swedish Chocolate You know who your real friends are when they bring you chocolate!

My sweet friend Pat, knowing both my love for chocolate and my husband’s Scandinavian ancestors, brought me some real Swedish chocolate!

King size no less!

I was a little uncertain where to begin eating them – since I’m not so good with reading Swedish.

But my powers of deduction proved to be fairly adequate as the kids and I enjoyed an international chocolate tasting.

Not Choklad – is a deliciously smooth milk chocolate full of hazelnuts. I’m so glad this is a King size because it is definitely my favorite. It was also Matt’s favorite, but I”m not planning to share.

Mjolk Choklad  – is a creamy pure milk chocolate that left both Dagmar and Buddy swooning.

KEX Choklad – is layers of wafer thin cookie covered in chocolate. Pedro, who is not my chocolate lover, really loved this one. He compared it to a Kit Kat bar – only better.

Actually the kids cleaned up every bit of the chocolate I laid out on the cutting board – even licked up the crumbs. They also discovered the English sub titles on each of the bars – the ones Mom missed.

I think I can safely say that Swedish choklad was a huge hit at our house.

It has definitely earned the Chocolate Lady Seal of Approval!

God bless you, dear Pat!