Hot Dog Roast on a Budget

Hot dog roasts are a way of life here on the farm. We’ve found that they’re an easy and cheap way to have some great family fun.

My husband picked up the rim of a semi truck tire to use as a fire ring. Then he saved the grate from our old gas grill before we trashed it. It fits perfectly on the top of the fire ring to cook a large amount of hot dogs fast. Or we use the motley assortment of roasting sticks that we’ve picked up at auctions and garage sales over the years.

We found an old metal table at a garage sale that works perfectly by the fire to hold the food and have a variety of lawn chairs to spread around.

When there’s a large crowd, like our home school group, we put boards on cement blocks to make benches around the fire.

It’s a great and very portable system. We can load it up and head out to the ponds, using the back of  the pick-up as a serving table (a true tailgate party!) Or we can set it up closer to the house, depending on the needs of the group.

I watch the sales and pick up the hot dogs, marshmallows, graham crackers, ketchup, baked beans, chocolate bars, etc.. when they’re on sale. I just pop them in the freezer or the pantry and we’re ready at a moment’s notice to be hospitable and host a hot dog roast!