Welcome to the Christmas Season

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving.

The official start of the Christmas season.

But I must confess – that we’ve already started. (Oh dear – I just heard some of you gasp in horror!)

Normally we would wait till today to pull out the Christmas music. But to be totally honest – we’ve been listening now for weeks.

Yes, weeks. We caved in early November.  I must have heard O Holy Night by at least 4 different artists at least 2 dozen times already. And loved every one.

It’s not just music. We already put together 2 of our Christmas puzzles, drank peppermint hot chocolate, and started Christmas shopping.

When we cave in – we really cave.

And the Christmas movies! Oh my! The girls and I jumped in with both feet.  Our favorite evening activity is to curl up in quilts  watching a Christmas movie, trying to guess how it ends.

Popcorn and hot chocolate make it even better.

But the wait is over – it’s now officially Christmas season! We don’t have to hide our Christmas spirit anymore!

I can’t wait to start baking!

And making candy!

Anybody want to go caroling?

And may I be the first to say, “Merry Christmas!”

My Black Friday Shopping

I hope many of you are out today hunting down bargains – but I’m not.

I am not a Black Friday shopper.

I don’t do crowds. I don’t like to wait in lines.

My idea of Christmas shopping look a little more like this –

Christmas musicMy favorite Christmas music on the CD player…

mug of hot chocolateA mug of creamy rich hot chocolate with whipped cream…

laptop…and my laptop!  It’s amazing the deals you can find on-line while sitting at home  – fuzzy slippers optional.  🙂

Happy shopping everybody!