Flower Garden

One more thing off my to-do list –

dream gardenI finally have the flower gardens ready for Dagmar’s graduation party.

The flowers look to be in such fine shape this year – don’t you agree?

Okay. I’m just kidding.

My sisters can stop laughing now.

I found the above picture on-line.  No such beautiful flower garden exists on my property – yet.

Actually – no flower garden exists here period. Only in my dreams.

This – dear friends – is my reality.

GardenA hodge podge of containers from thrift stores, garage sales and junk piles filled with an assortment of flowers that I can only hope will stay alive for a few more days.

The entire arrangement is surrounded by a fence to keep the free-ranging chickens out.They love to climb in flower pots and scratch around – rearranging things for a better “seat”.

I’ve lost many a bedding plant to a chicken’s feathered backside.

The plan is to remove the fence Sunday afternoon just before the guests arrive.

We forgot that last step at Matt’s graduation party a year ago. I wonder what people thought?

On the plus side – it took me just minutes to plant them – and there was no weeding involved!

And it is – of course – one more thing of my list! Well – at least for this week…

Top picture courtesy of  SiefkinDR

Bedding Plants on a Budget

Bedding Plants

A quick stop at our local Amish Store and Nursery yielded me a lovely flat of bedding plants for just $4.

I’ve found that by waiting till June 1st, all of their bedding plants are marked way down. It’s a great way to get some beautiful, large plants for a great deal.

In this flat I was able to purchase: 18 dianthus plants, 6 petunia, 3 wave petunia, 6 pansy, 6 carpet of snow, and 6 small pretty blue flowers But I can’t remember their name!)

That’s 46 plants for just $4.

I was able to fill 6 planters and even used a few to fill in around my perennials in a flower bed.

The best part is, in another week or so I’ll stop back in. If they have any left, they just give them away.

Patience can be a very Thrifty Virtue!