Starving Time

Plants It’s starving time.

No, I’m not literally starving. My scale tells me that I’m eating more than enough – but thanks for asking! 🙂

This is the time of year that the pioneers referred to as “Starving Time”.

They made it through the long winter but their provisions are low. Their gardens are begun, but it will be weeks before they harvest anything to eat.

Although there is an abundance of food in my home – I am still “starving” for garden fresh everything! Just the thought of a bowl of garden fresh salsa or a fresh raw peas straight from the vine makes me salivate!

Waiting patiently has never been one of my virtues. I look at my little plants growing in the basement and will those jalapenos to grow faster!

They are looking good though – actually all of the plants are. The  California Wonder sweet peppers took their sweet time in coming up – but are coming on strong now.

Some of my heirloom tomatoes look a little brown – but are still growing and have green leaves. Should I worry?

We are making progress outside – we even have the garden tilled thanks to Jan’s friend Donnie and his tractor mounted tiller (which my husband just added to his wish list!).

AND – are you ready for this? – I even have some peas, lettuce, and early radishes planted!

I was rather proud of myself until I noticed yesterday that all of my Amish neighbors already have things growing in their gardens.

Oh well! I’m just waiting now for a few dry days to get some more things planted.

Meanwhile I’ll enjoy the beautiful daffodils and hyacinths and rejoice that the fruit trees are starting to bloom.

And I’m be thankful for both the rhubarb pie and crisp we’ve enjoyed and the tiny amount of fresh asparagus we harvested.

…even if I’m still starving for a fresh radish! 🙂