So What Do You Do With 20 Bushels of Apples?

There were over 20 bushels of apples on my back porch.

I avoided that porch for days because I really didn’t want to deal with them. It seemed as if they grew in number every day. I would close my eyes at night and see gigantic apples rising up and chasing me.

So what does one do with over 20 bushels of apples? A lot.

First we needed to determine the kind of apple. While red delicious apples are wonderful to eat, they aren’t good for cooking, sauce or baking. So they are carefully picked over and left in a cool spot to be eaten. My unheated porch works well, but a refrigerator would also work.

The Granny Smith apples are very firm and hard. They are waiting patiently to be made into pies, crisps and other delicious treats.  They will do fine in “cold storage” on the porch for a few weeks or even months. If they start getting soft before we use them- we’ll cut them and freeze them.

Before we store apples we always look for bruises or blemishes and eat those fruit first. An apple with firm flesh and no bruising or cuts will keep much longer. The saying “one bad apple spoils the bunch” is absolutely true!

The Yellow Delicious, Red Rome and Jonathon we processed into applesauce, apple pie filling, and apple butter. We also used our apple corer/peeler on some and froze them in quart bags to be used all winter in pies and crisps.

I now have a 3 year supply of apple butter, a 2 year supply of applesauce, and enough apples in the freezer for several pies this winter. And I still have apples!

So I boxed up several bushels and shared them with my sisters, my sister-in-law, my friend from Michigan, and anyone else who happened along and looked hungry.

Crate by crate, box by box I’m making a dent in the piles! What an amazing harvest!