Birthday Cake Number 55

Birthday Cake Number 55 happened this week. My oldest celebrated his 15th birthday complete with his traditional, quite inventive and very yummy birthday cake! We came up with this signature cake on his golden birthday (your golden birthday is the year that your age is the same as your birthday. For example: when you turn 15 on the 15th.) I wasn’t sure how to make gold colored frosting but in our experimenting we discovered that crushed Butterfinger candies have a golden tint to them. We started with an angel food cake (his favorite) frosted it with whipped cream (my handy-dandy birthday cake shortcut!) and then threw crushed Butterfingers all over the cake. You do need to throw them about the cake, especially on the sides if you want them to stick! The combination is really tasty and has become his traditional birthday cake. I’d love to try this idea with Andees mints sometime, wouldn’t that be good! But then whipped cream with any kind of chocolate is always a good thing!

Crazy Auntie M

My youngest sister called this afternoon.

She has 6 of the cutest kiddos and they all love me, their Auntie M. They love coming to the farm to visit me because Auntie M does crazy things. I make up crazy songs, spray whipped cream directly into my mouth, and invent fun games, like a pea blowing contest after supper.

These kids are pretty smart and have learned quickly that Auntie M loves chocolate. During one visit my sister had brought a very rich, decadent, wonderful chocolate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

We waited until after all the children had eaten (her 6 and my 5) , including a brownie for dessert and gone to play before we cut into it. This worked for a few meals, but then we were caught, red-handed with the last pieces in front of us ready to eat. Since they had already had brownies, we mothers told them they couldn’t have any. In his disappointment, my nephew was heard to say, “Auntie M doesn’t share her chocolate”. It’s been a family joke ever since.

Those same adorable nieces and nephews publish a monthly newsletter of their family happenings complete with pictures. One past publication included a very unflattering picture of me, Auntie M, floating down river in an inner tube at a family gathering. I immediately wrote a letter to the editor in complaint and demanding recompense for my emotional trauma in the form of massive amounts of chocolate. It worked, for a little while.

Then just this week, my sister had all the children along with her in Sam’s Club. It was a great day to go because many of the samples were chocolates! When she had finished shopping and all the children had sampled everything possible, including Andees Peppermint Crunch Mints, cheese cake and Dove candy bars, she loaded everybody up to head home. The four year old, Little Butter Buns, sat in her car seat pondering deeply and then said, “Auntie M eats too much chocolate, that’s why she’s so crazy!”

From the mouth of babes!