Price of Freedom“We all bear the painful cost of freedom.

As we formally celebrate the commitment to break from England and to protect our natural rights, let’s hug to our breast our freedom – our most precious national treasure – knowing that it, like a child is imperfect and demanding but undeniably good.

Let’s keep our centuries old habit of protecting that child of America, that freedom.

She’s getting more rare and precious every day.”

James B. Stockdale

Happy Birthday, America!

American flag

A Father and His Flag
By D. A. Hoover

“I pledge allegiance to the flag,”
I heard my father say,
And saw how proudly he beheld
Our colors on that day.

It was the “Fourth” – firecrackers popped,
Bands played, and clowns made noise-
A fun exciting kind of day
For little girls and boys.

Then everybody was so still;
Old Glory marched on by.
I know I saw a tear of pride
Shine in my father’s eye.

And then he smiled and said to me,
“My boy, of all you do,
Don’t once forget this glorious sight,
Our own red, white, and blue!”

May your own eyes tear up today as we remember and celebrate our freedom, and those who gave their lives so we could be free.

God bless America!