The Merry Month of May?

This is one momma who will be very glad to turn the calendar page to June.

We knew May was going to be a humdinger – and it was.

Why? Just take a look at the numbers:

Fifteen days away from home.

Three different states – on eight different trips.

Over 2500 miles driven.

Don’t even ask how much we spent on gas.

Four days with Matt home. (Too short!)

One wedding.

One graduation.

One family reunion.

Two nieces and two nephews in a play.

Numerous hugs.

Many laughs.

A few tears.

Two home school conferences.

Two snowstorms.

Too many thunderstorms.

50 some broilers.

One huge bull calf that needed to be pulled and then – after we heroically saved his life – he died anyway.

Two huge gardens planted, including 40 some tomato plants.

Four broken lawnmowers and one really overgrown lawn.


We made it.

We started the month in winter and ended it in summer. I guess spring happened at some point, but I think I missed it.

I’d say we filled this month with just about as much as we could! And it was all good.

Now it’s time to move on.

But first – a very long nap.

A Quilt Adventure

It was during a random conversation between my niece and I about our shared interest in quilting that the idea for a quilt trip was formed.

And it – as some ideas do – stretched and changed until it became a reality last weekend.

Group Picture

My mom, Angel Girl, one sister,2 nieces, and I traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska to explore the International Quilt Study Center and Museum at the University of Nebraska.

Although not everyone in our group were quilters – we all appreciated the beauty and history of the quilts displayed.

I loved the old quilts the best – the ones carefully cut out of old garments or the bits and pieces of left-over material.

Everyone chose a favorite. Angel Girl chose a autograph quilt from the 1930’s which included autographs from the Jubilee Singers of Fisk University.


After fully immersing ourselves in quilts for several hours – we decided that it was past time for lunch.

Our criteria – something unique that we wouldn’t get at home.

After much deliberation – our choice was The Pho Factory – a brand new Vietnamese Restaurant close to the museum.  It was fab-u-lous!

After almost drowning ourselves in noodle bowls bigger than serving bowls, we left with an appreciation for chop sticks and a new addiction to Vietnamese fish sauce. (Well – at least I did!)

We grabbed a bubble tea to go – and were not thrilled to learn that the “bubbles” tasted like black licorice.  The strawberry slushie “tea” part was yummy, though.

By then it was time to get out of Lincoln. The Cornhuskers played at home that night and traffic was getting heavy.

Since most of  Nebraska was in Lincoln at the game,  we headed back to Omaha and my nieces’ favorite bookstore downtown.

Book Store

In a family of bibliophiles – it was like Christmas morning.

Books from floor to ceiling – stacked on chairs, on the floor, in boxes. Thousands of books.

I wanted to touch them all – but I only bought one.

We would still be there if it wasn’t for the lure of Ted and Jerry’s ice cream. With fun flavors like coffee and doughnuts, black raspberry chocolate chunk and Dutch chocolate in hand – we headed back to my nieces for pizza.

And yes – we ate our dessert first.  It was an adventure day after all!  🙂

It was a little later than we planned when we finally headed for home – but we filled the day with fun and memories.

All that because a random conversation sparked an adventure idea.

Annie and the Thrift Store

SandLast weekend at our family reunion – I was able to slip away with my 3 sisters-in-law and Jan’s mom to hit a couple garage sales and my favorite thrift store.

We left our very brave husbands home with all the kids – except one – Annie.

Annie to go because there was just one seat left in the van – and she was the only little one who wasn’ t muddy yet.

I’m not sure how excited she was to go an adventure with her aunts – but she was a good sport and soon learned that Auntie Melinda’s thrift stores are quite a bit different then the ones in the big city where she lives!

As soon as we walked into the Mission Possible Thrift Store Annie spotted the row of baby dolls perched right at her level on the shelves. She made a beeline for them exclaiming, “BABIES!”

Every lady in the shop stopped what they doing and said “Ohhh…how precious!”

From that moment on she had the run of the store.

She hugged baby dolls for awhile, then moved on to scarves. After she found a silky pink one and wrapped it around her neck, she moved on with Nana to the other side of the store where she discovered shoes.

Annie loves shoes. Really loves shoes.  Especially shoes that are too big.

She was in her element!

She would try on a pair of shoes and parade around the clothes rack carrying a dolly and wearing her pretty pink scarf.

The other shoppers smiled.

Her favorite pairs were a pair of fuzzy red slippers and a metallic silver heel.

At one point I overheard her say to Nana,” I think you should buy these pretty shoes Nana.”

Nana replied, “Oh my, those are very pretty Annie, but I just don’t have any metallic silver dresses to wear them with.” 🙂

Nana did however buy the fuzzy red slippers and Auntie Melinda bought her the pretty pink scarf.

So she left the store with a few treasures of her own and several new admirers.

She and I sat on the courthouse steps across the street eating pretzels while the other gals finished up.

When they joined us in a few minutes they were exclaiming about the great prices and their sweet finds.

I just smiled and said, “You just can’t beat a small town thrift store for great deals.”

And I’m sure Annie would add, “And lots of fun!” 🙂

Busy, Busy, Busy!

It’s been a busy week around here! We’ve had company – lots of company.  Seven extra children to be exact.

My friend Cinnamon had the opportunity to fly out and spend some time with her husband, who had a 4 day leave before being shipped out to Afghanistan.

She needed a place for the kiddos to hang out.

Now, honestly, who could resist spending a week with this little charmer?!

Not I.

Boy have we been busy! Home schooling the entire crew (all but the little guy – 11 in all), making meals, and lots of playing.

I’ve eaten more sand “cake” and sand “ice cream” in the last few days than I have for years!

We’ve picked apples from the orchard and gone on long hikes and explores in the woods, even eating our snacks by the ponds. The 20 pound “backpack” Dagmar is carrying does get a wee bit heavy!

Our extra “help” enjoyed harvesting all the mini pumpkins and gourds. I really hope they want to take some home with them!

We even built a fabulous “house”. It’s amazing how much fun a tarp over two tree limbs can be! The girls have found delicious “food” outside. They made soup out of leaves, hedge balls, and seed pods of all kinds – all cooked over their open (but pretend) fire.

You may have noticed that there are only 4 extra children in the pictures – don’t worry – I didn’t lose the other three! 🙂

They were busy with my kids, filming epic movies, chasing each other through the woods wearing camouflage, and playing ultimate frisbee.

Yep – it’s a busy place around here this week!