Beware the Swing

I love adventure days with my husband! We took one recently that included two states, three green houses and three different Amish groceries.

And Orscheln Farm and Home.

Because there is always some doodad or thingamajig that the tractor or the animals or the farmer needs. Always.

I don’t mind these Orscheln stops; at least they have nice bathrooms.

And I’ve found a few favorite things to look at while my husband is checking off his list. I take a quick walk through the clothing, then I checkout the book section, and this time of year, I take time to try out all the lawn furniture.

This trip was no exception.

I worked my way around the store to the patio section and systematically tried out every chair – in every color combination.

That’s when I saw it.

The hanging swing on display.

It looked really fun.

I wondered if it was comfortable?

I wondered how easy it was to sit in and get back out?

I walked over to it. I touched it.

Then I looked around to see if anyone was looking.

And I sat down in the swing.


The next thing I knew I was on the floor in a heap of canvas, wood, and metal.

My husband heard the crash and came running. Somehow he knew it was me?! He helped me quickly extricate myself from the mess and put the swing back together.

And he never laughed.

At least until we had quickly exited the store and sat in the car. Then we both lost it.

Honestly – we still laugh when we think about it.

Beware the display swings people.

They were meant to be a display. (Even if there is no sign anywhere that says Display Only!)

And girls – marry the guy who will keep a straight face while pulling you out of a mess of canvas and metal in the middle of a store and then laugh with you later.

That man is a keeper.


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