I’m Me Again

Hey! It’s me, again! Finally!

I apologize for that long and unintended blog break. I had a lovely Christmas and New Year’s with the family. Then on January 2nd, just when I was ready to settle into routine, I got an email from the Iowa Department of Education with a friendly reminder that my teaching license would expire the end of February.

This caused a great deal of panic.

To renew it, I had to have 6 credits of professional development.

Which was exactly six more than I currently had. I’m not sure what I’ve been doing for the last five years, but obviously it wasn’t professional development!

Since I worked very hard for that license, I really wasn’t ready to let it go. So I frantically looked into options and discovered that I could get all six credits in – if I really pushed.

Six credits, three different classes, six weeks, all online.

I signed up immediately. One class had already begun, so I was behind before I even got started.

And I’ve been behind ever since, literally spending hours on my laptop every day, taking notes and writing and writing and writing.

By the time Jan and the kids came home, I had pretty much run out of words. That has never happened to me before.

I must have somehow managed to get meals made and the laundry done, at least everybody is reasonable clean and look like they have been fed.

But I am done now. Finished.

I turned my last assignments in yesterday. Then I sat in the recliner, watching a Hallmark movie and eating ice cream straight from the carton. True story.

And today I am back!

I have words to share again!

My family has been so patient with me! They have were understanding with my short, sometimes incoherent texts. They picked up after me in my distracted state. They even wiped down the cupboard when I put a dirty coffee cup back in upside down with coffee in it.

They truly are heroes and need a little spoiling, starting with cream puffs and French vanilla cream, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

It feels so good to be back!



One thought on “I’m Me Again

  1. I have missed you for longer than you were missing. My absense was way longer than yours. My words are beginning to come back. I am thrilled that you kept your credentials alive and that your family survived. You and I never met in real life, but for many years, you were a big part of my growing and being. I see that your little ones are grown up and thriving. I am glad. Stay strong. Let the words grow and continue to heal others. Big cyber hugs, Friend. Posting from a new place in a strange new life. Liz


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