Self Control

This was going to be the year that I had self control when it came to plants.

I was only going to buy what I had space for and could immediately put in the ground.

I have this amazing grid garden with only so many places to put plants.

I would not overbuy.

At least that was the plan.

We honestly just went to the greenhouse to replace two plants that died. Two plants. One sweet pepper and one cantaloupe. That was all. Honest.

Our good intentions lasted until we saw the sign – all plants on sale.

My eyes lit up, my heart started beating faster. Oh baby, do I love a sale!!

My single sweet pepper became a four pack plus a different jalapeno we had never tried, two plants just in case.

I was losing control fast. At this point I needed my husband to be a voice of reason and common sense. Instead, he informed me that raspberry plants were also on sale.

Things went downhill from there.


We ended with a total of three flats of plants – including vegetables, raspberries, and perennials.

Of course they wouldn’t all fit in my garden, which is why I currently have four cantaloupe plants, 2 cucumbers, and an random watermelon that we felt sorry for, all growing in my flower garden.

Yes, my flower garden.

Because if you don’t have self control, I guess you should at least be creative!



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