Showing My Age

I had a birthday last month, but honestly, I didn’t feel any older. At least for awhile.

Three days actually.

Then on Sunday I as was working with the youth group at church, one gal noticed the old-school rotary telephone still hanging on the wall in the kitchen.

She got really excited.

“Is that a real phone?! How cool! Can I call someone on it? How do I dial?”

She proceeded to pick up the receiver and move the finger wheel all the way around to the finger stop, laughing at the sound it made.

“Oh my goodness! This is so cool! Do I have to go all the way around for every number?”

“Yes! All the way to the finger stop for each number!” I replied.

She continued dialing her home phone number while asking if would actually work.

I tried not to laugh as I replied, “Do you hear a dial tone?”

“Dial tone? What’s a dial tone?”

She looked confused until one of the other kids pointed out that it wasn’t plugged in.

“Oh! It isn’t charged!”

Now I feel old.


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