VBS Week

It was VBS week this week.

Many of you are nodding right now. You know exactly what VBS week means.

Busy days, late nights and exhaustion!

But also fun, laughter and blessings.

13781748_1326552957374623_5963974662480564269_n - Copy

I worked with an incredible group of kids!

A crazy bunch of teens who served with their whole hearts and kept me laughing!

13686678_1271086162904327_3183896377120225765_nThey memorized, rehearsed, and brought the characters of the nightly skit to life.

Teaching truth, sharing the gospel, and loving on the kids.



Bible lessons.

Snack time.

I sat back each night and watching God work in and through these servants.

And I was blessed.


2 thoughts on “VBS Week

  1. We just finished ours this week too. Over 400 kids total between morning and evening VBS, which for us was an intentional downsizing from last year’s 650+.

    And I cannot get the graphic I want to post, so I’m sending you this link instead. It gets circulated widely around day 4 or 5. . . .

    And yes, we may be tired. We may be exhausted beyond all belief. But being able to sit and watch a child explore the wonder of God’s grace and salvation is worth all the planning, exhaustion, messy house, unhealthy meals, and chaos with no question.

    Congratulations on a successful VBS!!!


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