And It Snowed

So winter finally came. With a vengeance.

Our spring like temperatures and open pastures turned to below zero wind chills with huge snow drifts overnight.


I woke up pretty excited. I love a good snowstorm when everybody is in safe and sound.

But then we lost power.

Before I had my shower.

A snowstorm with power can be delightful. A snowstorm without power is not.

And a snowstorm with no power and no shower is almost unendurable.

My  mind immediately when to the infamous ice storm several years ago when we were without power for five long days. F.I.V.E.

And I might have had a meltdown. Right there in the kitchen. Sheer absolute panic at the very thought of having to do that again.

I am such a wimp. (Okay – you can stop laughing Lavern and Carolyn – my off-the grid neighbors!)

IMG_2038This snowstorm had quickly gone downhill.

But wait – there’s more.

Meanwhile – Jan was trying to get a bale of hay out to the cows.

Which was no easy feat – because he first had to find them.

They had wandered over snowdrifts, across sagging fences heavy with snow and were gone.

Jan and Buddy spent hours in the storm trudging through deep snow before finally tracking them down in the neighbor’s hay bales.

Of course. Silly cows.


By the time they had rounded them up, herded them back over the fence through the same snow drifts, and came inside, their insulated coveralls were literally frozen on them.

But the electricity had come back on!

And I had rejoiced with exceeding great joy and even taken a hot shower. It’s amazing how one’s outlook changes after a shower.

By 4:00 everyone was safe, warm, and fed. Finally.

All thoughts of our Super Bowl party were long gone.

At kick-off I was drinking tea and immersed in an Miss Marple mystery.

When the final buzzer sounded I was eating popcorn and reading Jean Stratton Porter’s The Harvester.

I did miss our amazing Pickle Wrap Dip – but Dagmar was stranded at the hospital for the duration and I knew she would be crushed if we ate it without her.

Maybe we should have a Ground Hog Day Party tonight. After all – Mr. Groundhog saw his shadow so we get 6 more weeks of winter!

Wait – celebrate six more weeks of this weather?

Oh well. At least we get Pickle Wrap Dip.

And the electricity is on.

2 thoughts on “And It Snowed

  1. LaVern read your blog first and sorry to say, he was laughing! We were snug and warm and had all the electricity we needed. He did have to go out and sweep off the solar panels. We called our neighbors to the north and told them to come down if they lost their electricity. We sure have forgotten what that is like and I’m not sure I’d want to go back to it!!


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