No Black, No White

We had a glimpse of how big God is this weekend.

We’ve known about Pastor Ebenezer and his family for years.

We’ve been praying for them and the work they are doing in their native Liberia.

Praying for God’s protection and provision. Praying for strength and boldness in bringing the light of the gospel to a country where there is much darkness.

And this last weekend we were able to meet him.

ebenezzarHe was a guest in our home, broke bread at our table and spoke in our church.

We listened to his stories of God’s faithfulness and were encouraged.

We rejoiced over the building of a church on the rubble of heathen shrine.

We wept at his firsthand accounts of the devastation of the Ebola virus.

Dean and EbenezzarAnd we worshiped together.

Praising the same God.

Knowing that –

“In Christ there is no north nor south,there is no east nor west, there is no black or no white. In Christ we are all one family saved by grace.”  ~ Pastor Ebenezer

And we saw how big our God is.

Il est bon.

He is good.

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