This is Crazy

My baby girl jumped out of an airplane.

Yes she did.

Dagmar walked in, paid big money, and watched a ten minute minute training video.

Before I knew it – she was geared up and ready to jump.

IMG_6718Yes, jump – right out of that tiny little airplane behind her.

Thirteen thousand feet in the sky.



IMG_6728Once in the plane she was harnessed to the professional jumper behind her as they climbed in altitude.

And then she jumped.

IMG_6737Out of a plane at thirteen thousand feet.

Harnessed to a man she had just met.

IMG_6739And she fell through the clouds screaming and laughing.

This is crazy.

IMG_6750Free falling through the clouds.

And loving every minute.

IMG_6845Thankfully the chute opened.

And there she was floating in the sky – held up by just a blue and grey piece of nylon   attached to a guy she had just met.

This is crazy.

That is my daughter – who is already saving up to do it again.

3 thoughts on “This is Crazy

  1. Of course she did! That her for ya’!

    I love what you said (repeatedly) “with a guy she had just met” I suppose there are worse things she could have been doing with a guy she had just met. Jumping out of an airplane at least keeps everyone’s hands in the right place – haha – hanging on for dear life!!

    Good for her….I’d NEVER do it but it was fun watching her have an adventure with a guy she had just met 😉 haha!



  2. My husband was Airborne in the Army National Guard. I’ve said that if I ever did that, it wouldn’t be by my choice, and I’d have a permanent footprint on my butt from where I had to be pushed out!


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