Gardening Joy

My garden makes me happy.

Seriously – when you consider that one year ago we were in the middle of a drought and massive bug infestation – this year gardening has been a joy!DSC_0231I actually have plants! And they are healthy! And best of all they are producing!

And I have rows.

In the past by this time of the year, the weeds would have taken over.

But not this year.

mulchBecause this year we actually have mulch!

Lots and lots of grass clippings thanks to the abundant rains this spring and a bagging mower that worked when it was supposed to.

And best of all – I am staying one step ahead of the dreaded squash bug, the destroyer of crops and dreams.

My weapon this year – duct tape.

DSC_0240Every day since the squash sprouted, I go into the patch and check the leaves for eggs and bugs.

When I find some – I use the tape to pick them up.

As the plants get bigger, this becomes harder and harder. I’m sure I’m missing some – but the plants are still alive, looking good and producing well.

For every egg I find, there’s one last squash bug to suck my plants dry.

squashWhich makes my plants very happy.

And they produce lots of zucchini and yellow squash.

And that makes me very happy.

This is what gardening is supposed to be.



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