Garden Ponderings

I’ve spent much time in the garden in recent days.

One has such time to think while alone with the weeds and bugs.

One ponders deep questions in the quiet.

Questions such as –

Why does the biting fly always bite the back of my knee?

What’s with all the fuzzy caterpillars this season? Is it a sign of a hard winter? A coming invasion?

Why do some of my broccoli plants have big beautiful heads-

broccoliWhile others in the same row look pathetically small?

broccoliYes – that is the entire head.

Where do the adult squash bugs who are laying all the eggs on the squash plants hide during the day so that I never see them?

Does a hollyhock plant always have the same color blossom?

Why does the zucchini I’m watching never seem to grow – then one morning it’s too big?

Are those tomatoes ever going to turn red?

And the biggest question of them all-

What in the world should I make for supper?

2 thoughts on “Garden Ponderings

  1. Our maters are about to burst with color and I swear that our Armenian cucumbers grow over night…I can scour the vine for ones that are ready and the following morning there are HUGE ones that were NOT there previously. Biting flies get me in the back/front of my elbow….


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