Fringe Benefits

Pedro has another job.

Now that’s he’s graduated and has all the time in the world and is in need of cash – he took another part time job making pizza at our local pizza place.

So not only can he carry out your groceries – he can now make them into a pretty amazing pizza.

Between the grocery store and the pizza place – he’s putting in a lot of hours and learning many important life skills – like how to cut onions and peppers. (Two ingredients he still won’t eat.)

We’ve learned that there are definitely some fringe benefits to having a son work at a pizza place.

Especially when he works the buffet.


It’s called left-overs.

I haven’t made the boys’ breakfast all week!

Lunch either.

I even saw buddy eat one for snack yesterday.

Do you think it’s possible for teenage boys to get tired of pizza?

I sure hope not.

This pizza making job has really helped the grocery budget!

One thought on “Fringe Benefits

  1. Teenage boys and pizza …a forever fit. I am seriously thinking of kidnapping Pedro to train our grocery baggers…avocados and mangos do NOT go under the potatoes, celery and and RAW CHICKEN. I kid you not.


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