Graduation Panic

Graduation is two days away.

Two. Days.

I’m not in a panic. Much.

Let’s just say that things have not gone exactly as planned.

There was the whole birthday trip and unexpected overnight for the kids while I was home baking a ka-jillian cookies.

Then I pulled a muscle in my shoulder whacking out dandelions and moving cement blocks.

But I still finished baking the ba-jillian buns and smoking the turkeys.

Then Sunday night we had a torrential downpour which created in a river through the basement – the basement that was cleaned and organized and ready for the Open House.

Now – it is not.

Meanwhile my allergies are the worst I’ve had in years with one eye swollen shut every morning.

On Monday we drove to Des Moines for my niece’s graduation party – and the brakes froze up on the mini van.

I am not kidding.

Now we have a wet basement, a mom with both a hurt shoulder and horrific allergies, a vehicle broken down 120 miles from home, and graduation Open House a few days away.

And did I mention that Angel Girl starts Driver’s Ed this week? We get to make two trips to town. Every. Day.

With a broken van.

I might be a little stressed. Just a little.

The other night I dreamed that as I walked on the stage at graduation my pretty new dress turned into my mom’s prom dress from the 1950’s – complete with a tulle skirt, pearls and pumps.  The entire crowd gasped with horror when they saw it and my children were mortified.

Obviously I haven’t eaten enough chocolate before bed.

But all is not lost.

Monday night we turned the AC on – which helped dry out the basement and got my allergies in check.

Tuesday Jan and I took the Suburban and rescued the broken van.

Wednesday amazing friends showed up to help- literally digging me out of the hole.  Bless them. Bless them. Bless them.

Chex Mix is made.

Windows are washed.

Flower gardens are planted.

Curtains are washed, ironed, and hung.

My shoulder is not quite as painful.

And I’m finally marking things off my list!

We have another big work day tomorrow – but we’re gaining on it.

And at some point in the next few days I need to process the fact that my son has reached a milestone and change is coming.

Or maybe not.

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