The Dream Truck

DSC_0001Dagmar bought a pick- up.

We knew it was coming. She’s been talking pick-ups for months. Eating, breathing, sleeping, dreaming pick-ups.

So when her Ford Escape developed yet another funny shake, rattle, and noise – we knew it was inevitable.

But this couldn’t be just any pick-up. Oh no. This had to be THE dream truck – a green Chevy Silverado with extended cab, 4×4, cloth seats, and in her price range.

And not just any green. Oh no. This had to be a specific green.

And they found it.

On Craig’s List.

Just 45 minutes away.

So she test drove it with her daddy, fell head over heals in love and bought it.

Ahh – a country girl’s dream had come true.

But not for long.

She drove it to the hospital to start her shift that same night – and before the evening was over the entire instrument panel had gone out.

Everything. No gas gauge. No speedometer. No odometer. It was all blank.

She hadn’t even owned it 6 hours.

‘Twas a sad country girl. 😦

‘Twas a sad daddy. 😦

‘Twas a sad dealer just 45 minutes away. 😦

But thankfully – he was an honest dealer and replaced the instrument panel for free. It just took two weeks.

During which time she drove without them, which I’m sure was very safe. Not.

But never fear, this is one story that has a fairy tale ending.

The truck is now fixed and Daddy didn’t have to do it. Dagmar never got a ticket for speeding and never ran out of gas.

She put on her cowboy boots, cranked the radio, rolled down the window and drove down the gravel road.

A country gal and her dream truck – happily ever after.

3 thoughts on “The Dream Truck

  1. Ahhhh, sweet Country Gal. I check in now and then but haven’t learned to comment from my iPad. And don’t get much time to hang out in my office BUT oh my oh my I cannot believe Dagmar is old enough to have her own truck. When we first became blogging buddies, it seems she was just a child. And your nest is shrinking. But, I’m glad to know you will plant more trees for the GRANDS. Love you, darlin !!!!!


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