And She Snaps…

We had a bit of a thaw this week.

And as soon I smelled that wet earth – something snapped in me.

I craved zucchini.

And fresh tomatoes.

And corn on the cob slathered with butter.

So I brewed a cup of tea, dug out my favorite Baker Creek Seed catalog and started dreaming beautiful garden dreams

Oh the possibilities!

Do I stick with the tried and true – or venture out into new varieties?

How about purple cauliflower?

Or black tomatoes?

Or speckled lettuce?

Most definitely I need tam jalapenos. But I’ll skip the ghost peppers this year.

I wonder how hot Thai chilies are?

Or a chocolate habanero?

Oh look – there’s an alligator squash!

And the lettuces! I’ll take one of each please.

I have to find the Moon and Stars watermelon – Jan had some last summer and said it was the sweetest and best melon he has ever eaten.

This list is getting really long!

I wonder how much I’m spending?

Is my garden space big enough for all this?

Oh wait – I’ve totally missed the entire section on herbs!

And I forgot the flower seeds!

I’m gonna need another pot of tea.

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