bananagramsExcuse me…

But have have any of you seen my schedule? You know – that thing where you allocate your time during the day so that you actually accomplish something?

I seem to have lost mine over Christmas.

It’s 9:00 in the morning as I write – and instead of checking math and going over a grammar lesson, I still have 3 sleeping students.

What’s worse – I have an overwhelming desire to eat chocolate and play around on Pinterest.

I really need to find this missing schedule.

I thought it might have gotten mixed up with the decorations – but I didn’t find it among the snowmen.

Maybe it’s packed away with the Christmas lights? No – I was missing it long before that.

Now that I think about it – I lost it just about the time Matt came home. So maybe I left it at the airport. Or maybe he took it?

No. It’s gotta to be around here somewhere.

I checked the family room – but all I found was a jigsaw puzzle. It’s almost finished now.

When I looked in the library I discovered a book and a warm quilt. There went an afternoon.

I haven’t checked the game cupboard.

Oh look! It’s Bananagrams!

Anybody want to play? We could eat chocolate!

Oh wait – that’s right. Gotta find that schedule.


11 thoughts on “Missing…

  1. Oh dear, I’ll help you search and maybe we ‘ll find my schedule, too. Of course mine is tattered, torn, and tear-stained but….oh WAIT. Your quilt and book. YES. I’m sure we’ll find all those schedulee thinggys hiding somewhere behind the books. 🙂


  2. I know the feeling! We were supposed to go back to school on Tuesday, but because of the snow and the cold we still haven’t gone back yet. We’re out at least one more day. Not sure if they’ll be able to get the county roads clear for Friday or not. I could have been using all this time to work on projects, but instead I’ve been reading books, crafting a bit, and playing with David. I wouldn’t change a thing either!


  3. This seems to happen to me EVERY YEAR following Christmas break… The weariness of winter & the longing for spring. And guess what??? I received my first seed catalog in the mail the other day & thought of Y-O-U! Warm hugs sent your way…


  4. This post makes me smile. I like the way you write. Happy New Year! Oh, and don’t worry…the schedule is there….you’ll find it when you really need it. 🙂 Blessings, Camille


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