And It’s Over…

It’s over for another year.

The gifts were wrapped and unwrapped.

Treats were made and eaten.

Candles were lit.

Games were played.

Family was visited. Hugs were given. Laughs were shared. Memories made.

Jesus was honored.

And it’s over.

The tree is down. Christmas decorations are replaced by snowmen. Matt is packing and will fly out tomorrow.

Jan is back to work. Home school will start up on Monday. Dagmar goes back to her regular schedule.

And I am at peace. Christmas happened and I didn’t miss it.

Once again that baby in a manger became more than a sweet old story.

As we sang the carols and heard the familiar words read again – “And the word became flesh and dwelt among us” – all the preparations and distractions faded away.

And the real meaning of Christmas was once again written on my heart.

It was all about a baby in a manger who grew to be the Savior of the world.

My Savior.

Christmas happened.

And I was there.

3 thoughts on “And It’s Over…

  1. Hopped over from Cinnamon’s place to meet you. This post is lovely and captures it beautifully. How precious that your oldest was with you for the Christmas break. God is Good! May you know HIS peace in the coming year. Many Blessings, Camille


  2. Melinda, I attended an outdoor Christmas Eve service that I thought had a wonderful theme. Discovering the Light of the World. The idea explored how each of the “Christmas” characters found out about who Jesus was and how they responded to that “light” and ended with a challenge to the audience about their own response to the light of scripture. Sketchy, but I felt like it had some real potential.


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