December Check-Off

Okay – be honest now – how many of you see December as a month of check-offs? I will confess that I found myself doing that very thing this week.

4H Christmas Party. Check.

Take Sunday School kids to nursing home. Check.

Make sugar cookies. Check.

Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Check.

Decorate Christmas tree. Check.

Our lists are long. Our responsibilities many.

christmas reset

Buy Christmas gifts.

Plan menus.

Bake more sugar cookies.

Children’s Christmas program.

Find stocking stuffers.

Write Christmas letter.

Christmas Eve service.

There are special treats to make. Special people to bless. Special memories that we want to create.

But I don’t want my Christmas season to be filled with long hours stressing about an overwhelming list of must-do’s.Nativity

It’s time to hit the re-set button on my heart.

To take a deep breath and relax.

To be more Mary and a little less Martha.

To let the music of Christmas soak into my conscious – not just be background noise.

To glory in the incredible love of God – that He would send His only Son as a baby in a manger to redeem me.

After all, Christmas only comes once a year. I don’t want to miss it.


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