A Visit from the Folks

My folks were here last week. 🙂

That sentence makes me smile.

They haven’t been here in almost a year. Although we had seen them frequently through-out the past year (2 weddings, a graduation, a camp-out, bridal showers, grandpa’s funeral, and even an early Christmas celebration), they hadn’t been here.

At my house.

So we had some catching up to do!DSC_0085

We had games to play, projects to work on, and a birthday to celebrate.

We had a trip to town – which included grocery shopping with my dad, a stop at the thrift store and coffee for the girls.

Of course – we visited both of the Amish stores so Mom and Dad could stock up.

And one afternoon Mom and I even escaped to a quilt store. As we drove out of the driveway we both realized that we had forgotten our cell phones and left my dad and 3 teens in charge of the house.

I think we went a little giddy with the freedom! After increasing our fabric stash at the quilt shop, we stopped at the newly-opened tea room for afternoon tea and gi-normous chocolate hazelnut muffins.DSC_0093

That sentence also makes me smile. 🙂

After consuming a few cups of tea – our highly caffeinated minds thought it would be a good idea to drive into the next town and find the thrift store.  And since we were right there – we hit the grocery store and dollar store.

When we escape – we do it right!

Thankfully the house was still standing when we returned. And everyone was still alive. The dishes were even done.

And we might have started a new tradition for the next time they visit!

Which we hope is soon.

Very soon.

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