Matt’s Home!

Excuse my absence in blog world this week – but Matt’s home!

matt's home!

We picked him up at the airport in route to my family’s annual “Christmas Over Labor Day” celebration. (More on that later!)

It’s been a whirlwind ever since.

Kinda like having Christmas break the second week of school.

When the tomatoes are all ripe.

And the green beans need to be picked.

matt is home

A little crazy. But sooo good!

We’re making time for movie nights (The Hobbit of course!) and corn on the cob and brother/sister coffee dates.

We’ve squeezed meaningful conversations in between 4H meetings and batches of spaghetti sauce.

And lots of rest – which is just what he needs after a full summer staffing at Summit Ministries.

We’re making every minute count this week!

Matt’s home!

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