Amish Eggs

DSC_0123My new little layers just aren’t laying enough eggs yet to feed the family.

So now, once a week, I head over to the Amish produce stand to buy a few dozen Amish eggs.

This never fails to make me smile.

Every time I pull in, I’m greeted by some smiling Amish children.

I buy my eggs and maybe a melon or a cucumber and watch as they carefully count out my change. It’s worth the drive just to see that!

But my latest trip was the best yet. When I got to the stand I saw three little Amish girls, their height like stair steps, probably ages seven and five and three. But I didn’t see any eggs, so I asked about them.

The oldest of the three little girls had a look of panic, then a hurried consultation in Pennsylvania Dutch with the next biggest.

The middle girl took off across the driveway to the shop (I guess to ask mom or dad) , while the oldest smiled at me and said it would be just a minute. We then had a very interesting conversation about turkeys, squash bugs, green beans, sweet corn, and how much we needed rain.

I must say, I was impressed with her conversation skills!

All the while the youngest girl just stared at me with great big eyes underneath her prayer bonnet.

Then middle child rushed back in the stand, grabbed a long hoe from the back and rushed out again.

Oldest just smiled at me and said, “We’ll have some eggs soon.”

I was puzzled, wondering how a hoe could bring us eggs?

Then I heard a bell. As I stepped around the stand, I saw middle child with hoe in hand swinging it over her head for all she was worth, so the metal part would ring an old school bell that was missing it’s rope.

She hit it every other time. But it was just enough to bring someone out of the house.

A volley of Pennsylvania Dutch was exchanged and within 5 minutes a little Amish boy (obviously one step up the stair steps from the oldest girl) ran in with my eggs.  They then consulted over how much I owed them, even grabbing a piece of paper to do some figuring.

Another five minutes and I had my eggs, a zucchini, a cucumber, a handful of change, and a big smile.

Buying eggs at the grocery store was never this much fun!

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