Some of you have noticed that I haven’t done any garden posts this spring

It’s just too depressing.

And humbling.

You see – my seedlings are rather pathetic.


They were planted a little late, then it was so cold in the basement that we brought them up to Angel Girl’s room and put them in her windows.

Which was a good idea – except that it was so cloudy and overcast that they didn’t get the sun they needed.

I still thought they were doing okay – until I stopped at the Amish greenhouse for a few things and saw their plants.


Amish cauliflower on the left of the screen. My cauliflower on the right.


They also gave us a tomato plant.

DSC_0155Theirs is the one with actual tomatoes on it. Mine are the pathetic little ones with three tiny leaves and the spindly stem.


At least the tomatoes have a few more days to get bigger and harden off before they get planted.

The poor cauliflower and broccoli got planted directly in the garden. Poor things. I felt like I threw them right off the high board into the deep end.

Grow little plants! Grow!

Meanwhile the rest of the garden spot is looking more and more like a part of the lawn. Maybe when things settle down again we’ll get it tilled.

And planted.

And the rains will come.

And the plants will grow.

And I will bask in all the luscious veggies.


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