A Vintage Bridal Shower

It was such a special weekend!

We were able to honor my niece Milly at a one-of-a kind vintage bridal shower, hosted by her two amazing and very creative sisters ! They captured Milly to a T!

The original plan was to have a vintage picnic underneath huge sweeping oak trees – but the excessive rain through-out the week left our beautiful picnic spot a swamp. So they moved everything inside.

bicycle built for two

Well not quite everything. They did set up some games – like croquet, hoops, and badminton inside – but they left the vintage bicycle built for two outside where it was thoroughly enjoyed. (That’s my Dagmar in the front and my niece Millie – the blushing bride – in the back.)


Later – after many games and much visiting – we all moved into the “picnic area” where they had laid out quilts of all colors on the floor. Everyone found a seat as my mom, Milly’s Nana Shirley, gave a short devotional.

It was extra-special because my parents were also celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary that weekend. 🙂

DSC_0219In the middle of each quilt, our hostesses had thoughtfully packed a picnic lunch in beautiful wicker baskets. It was so fun to open those baskets – just like opening a gift!

Inside there was plenty of food for a “blanket-ful” of guests, each item beautifully packaged to look vintage.

Squeals of delight were heard around the room as the guests unpacked their baskets and discovered the treasures inside.

There were ribbon sandwiches – each individually wrapped in waxed paper and tied with string, beautiful red apples, and bags of freshly popped popcorn.

DSC_0245 The cream puffs with vanilla  filling that oozed out when you took a bite were a big hit on my quilt! As were the tiny meringues that melted in your mouth.

DSC_0222 Ice cold water and strawberry lemonade were served from mason jars.

DSC_0236And – at the very bottom – we discovered paper bags filled with lemon drops and a vintage box packed with delightful little iced petite cakes – both vanilla and red velvet.

While we were feasting, our hostesses provided us with paper, colored pencils and books of poetry for inspiration. Then they encouraged us to write Milly a poem or draw her a picture – as Mil herself was known to do on picnics -or any other time.

Cream puffs with oozing vanilla filling proved to be very inspiring – and many blankets produced some hilarious poetry! (Mine included!)

The girls did such a lovely job!  Everything was beautiful and so well planned. I felt like I had walked into a page from an Anne of Green Gables book!

“The girls went home by the light of a calm golden sunset …

All the basins among the hills were brimmed with topaz and emerald light…

‘It has truly been a golden day,’ said Priscilla.”

~Anne of Avonlea

Yes – it truly was a golden day!

5 thoughts on “A Vintage Bridal Shower

  1. I really LOVE this… Sounds like my MaKayla to a tee… 🙂 What a blessing it is when extra time, care & attention are taken to make such a special occasion personal & memorable! Milly’s sisters are to be commended.


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