A Word of Warning

BlenderI love my immersion blender.

Have you ever used one? It’s so handy to whip things up without pulling out the big blender.

And so easy to clean! You can just put it into your soapy dishwasher and turn it on. Bingo! Extra suds and a clean immersion blender.

It’s portable, lightweight – and cheap. I got mine for $5 at a garage sale.

There is – however –  something about immersion blenders that you should know.

While they are very easy to clean by sticking them in soapy water – if you have not thought ahead and removed your dish cloth – the immersion blender will grab the dishcloth and wrap it up around the blade.

Then the blender gets very heavy and takes on a life of it’s own – spinning out of control sending dirty dishwater all over your kitchen.

And I do mean all over.




Clean dishes in the drainer.

And all over you.

When you finally have enough sense to unplug the blender – you will need to spend several minutes untangled your dishcloth  – possibly even cutting it.

Then you get to spend the rest of your morning cleaning your kitchen.

The cupboards.

The walls.

The floor.

And finally yourself.

Just thought I should warn you.

You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “A Word of Warning

  1. Thank you for the warning… I would love to own one of those, but will be careful when I wash it.

    Hilarious too… I shared with my husband who also laughed.


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