My Heart Was Blessed

the power of the crossWith Easter Sunday just around the corner, I’ve been working with a few teenagers on something special for the service.

As I prayed over what we should do – I was amazed at how God brought all the details together.

A choral reading with just the right message, for just the right voices.

An original song written by one of the teens that expressed so perfectly the message we’re trying to convey.

A young violinist who puts his heart into every note.

But mostly, I’ve been amazed at the hearts of those kids as they prayed…

“Use me Lord…”

And meant it.

My heart was blessed.

As I worship on Easter Sunday – my heart will be full.

Because not only do I believe in the resurrection – I have once again seen it’s power to change lives.

He is Risen indeed.


4 thoughts on “My Heart Was Blessed

  1. It continuously amazes me the way kids absorb and use what they learn even when we don’t know they’re learning. It’s especially amazing when they use what they have learned to worship and praise God.


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